Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Bringing value

When you decide to become the number 1 at whatever you do, you have to learn to bring more value than it's being expected of 
you. Number 1 means that you're the example to follow, your performance is outstanding and you're the person people think of when they feel helpless.

Become the ROI king or queen

That's the skill I'm currently mastering.
Understand that every business needs to generate money and its expenses must be lower than the cashflow. If you can prove by your performance and results that the wellbeing of the company is important for you, you will be rewarded and recognised. Coming up with pitch ideas, generating more leads, looking for new prospects, speaking well about the company, becoming the face of the brand you're workibg for are only a few examples to mention.

You can't become the best at what you by being average. If you're willing to go above and beyond expectations, your hard work will 1000% pay off!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Great work means great effort

In order to become great, one must involve an enormous amount of great work and as we all know, great work is hard.

It starts in the beginning and it finishes at end. Every phase is excellent. 'Average' doesn't survive. If you want to leave your mark and legacy behind you, you have to move that game on a higher level. It's a competition between your highest potential and your laziness and lack of self-discipline.

The question that remains: are you ready to pay the price?